German automaker, Audi e-tron first-ever EV is packed with luxury, technology, and power.

Tesla Model X
Audi e-tron SUV
Cargo Room: 26.0"
Cargo Room: 28.5"
Rear Seat Legroom: 38.4"
Rear Seat Legroom: 39.1"
Bang & Olufsen Sound System: not available
Bang & Olufsen Sound System: Yes
Charging Plug: Tesla Proprietary Charging Plug: SAE standard J-1772 & CCS Level 3
 Audi DNA: not available   Audi DNA: Yes

Comfortable Interior of the Audi e-tron

The Tesla Model X has more cubic feet of storage than the e-tron, but there's a catch. The Model X is able to create more space by re-configuring seats. When all seats are folded down, the Model X has 88 cubic feet of storage space. In comparison, the e-tron features 57 cubic feet of space and drivers only have to fold down the back row. Both vehicles also feature heated and cooling seats. But, the e-tron goes a step further and offers a massage option for drivers and passengers as well.

The e-tron Looks Like a Luxury SUV

So many electric vehicle manufacturers have opted to give these unique vehicles a completely different look than mainline vehicles. But, not Audi. Instead, Audi aligned the style of the e-tron to look like all of the other vehicles it carries. The Tesla Model X doesn't look like any of the other vehicles from Tesla, but the Audi does. The handsome e-tron not only looks like an Audi with its large grille, but it also feels like an Audi on the interior of the vehicle as well.

e-tron Charges Fast and Has a Long Range

The e-tron is joining a market the Tesla X has dominated for years. But, when compared head to head in regards to charging and range, the e-tron came to play with impressive features. In fact, the e-tron can go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.5 seconds. Not only that, but the e-tron can charge extremely fast and has a long range. In comparison to the Model X, the e-tron is equal to or outperforms.

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